Tea Flavors

Alright, alright!  I've had enough about all the tea health benefits, tea rituals and traditions.  How about a page that focuses on the best tea flavors!?  I am a tea junky and I soak up all the tea knowledge I can find online. I finally realized that what is really missing out there is just a good list of the absolute best flavors that are available in a cup of tea.

My OCD makes me stay organized, so I categorized my favorite tea flavors by tea type.  If you're new to the tea world and like me, tired of all the bum-rush of information out there, here is a concise list of the best teas that I have found anywhere:

Let's start with the old Japanese traditional: 
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea  - by Islands of Green Tea  (We all know green tea is good for you.  Now how about a green tea that you would take over ice cream!  That's Jasmine Pearls)

Since we're talking FLAVOR, let's head straight to the world's best Rooibos and/or Honeybush tea blend:
Vanilla Honeybush - by Tea Instincts, Inc. (I love Rooibos and Honeybush at all times of the day, and I can drink the crazy fruity blends as well as some simple tea blends.  I have never had a tea as satisfying as Vanilla Honeybush though)

Ok, this one will catch you off guard.  White tea is not normally thought of as overly flavorful.  It's usually drank for a soft tea aroma and taste.  But I can't deny this teas spot in the most flavorful teas in the world:
White Peony - by California Tea House (This simple white tea tastes like it sitting under a honeysuckle that was slowly dripping goodness on it!)

Alright, by now you can probably tell I like really delicious floral and vanilla tasting teas.  It's not on purpose.  I love the sound of some of the really fruity sounding teas, like Pomegranate Oolong or Raspberry Black Tea, but I always find myself disappointed and liking the name more than the tea.  Maybe floral and vanilla flavors pair better with tea than fruit.  I don't know, but here's my next tea love:
Vanilla Earl Grey - by The Vine of Chicago (I don't know if they actually make this tea themselves or if they buy it somewhere else, but I will never forget this tea that I had there in Chicago about two years ago.  They also serve a killer Cabernet!)

Ok, finally, this one is not fair.  I have never actually found this tea, but the sound of it makes my mouth water.  I have had plenty of Osmanthus white tea blends, and they are great, but I have never had:
Osmanthus Oolong - by ???  (Will someone please make this for me?!  I just think the earthy flavors of Oolong mixed with Osmanthus would be irresistible!)

There you have it.  My list of the best tea flavors.  Email me if you have any others you think I should try!

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